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Help & Info about Pixelmon Mod for windows

  • What is Pixelmon Mod?

    Pixelmon is a mod for Minecraft that will integrate the world of the Pokémon franchise. Using it, you will be able to encounter Pokémon in the world of Minecraft, with all of the battles and captures that come with them.
  • Is Pixelmon Mod free to use?

    Yes. As a fan project unauthorised by Nintendo, Pixelmon is a non-commercial endeavour that is free to download and use. You will, of course, require a functioning copy of Minecraft before you can use it.
  • How many Pokémon are included in Pixelmon Mod?

    Pixelmon includes 721 species of Pokémon. These range from species introduced in the first generation of Pokémon games (red and blue) through to Pokémon invented fir the sixth generation (X and Y).
  • Which generation of Pokémon battle mechanics does it use?

    Pixelmon draws its battle mechanics from the sixth generation of Pokémon games (X and Y). Additional mechanics created for the seventh generation, most notably Z-Moves, are not represented within the Pixelmon mod.
  • Is it possible to disable the spawning of Pokémon and NPCs?

    Yes, it is possible to configure the spawning of both NPCs and Pokémon. This can be achieved by editing the mod's config file. As well as disabling natural spawning altogether, you can disable specific generations of Pokémon.
  • What do the two icons in the bottom right of the screne mean?

    the two icons represent hotkeys. The icon on the left opens an article on either the Minecraft or Pokémon wiki relating to an item you are holding or a block you are looking at. The right icon is the Pokédex hotkey, and pressing it will open the Pokédex at the entry of a Pokémon you are currently looking at; if you are not looking at a Pokémon, it will open at the top of the list.
  • What is Pixelmon Extras?

    Pixelmon Extras is a sidemod that introduces a range of new commands to the Pixelmon Mod. Amongst these are commands relating to easier breeding of Pokémon, randomisation features for an extra element of chance, and a few options for cosmetic alterations.
  • What are Boss Pokémon?

    Boss Pokémon are rare species of Pokémon defined by their increased strength and aggression. While they cannot be captured, defeating them can result in rare items being dropped. Boss Pokémon come in two varieties: Mega Evolved Boss Pokémon and Colored Boss Pokémon. The two types spawn in different ways and drop different items.
  • What are Pokémon fossils?

    Fossils are items which can be resurrected into particular species of Pokémon. They can be obtained by mining fossil blocks; once a fossil has been cleaned using a fossil cleaner, it can be resurrected with a fossil machine. After a few minutes, you can obtain the new Pokémon by placing an empty Poké Ball in the fossil machine.
  • Does Pixelmon Mod include gyms?

    The game includes a total of ten gyms. Unlike the official Pokémon games, the gyms are not associated with particular towns, and are instead named after their specified types: the Electric Gym, the Fire Gym, the Grass Gym, the Grass/Bug Gym, the Ground Gym, the Ice Gym, the Psychic Gym, the Rock Gym, the Steel Gym and the Water Gym. In addition, the Water, Ice and Fire gyms each have two distinct layouts.


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